ECATS International Association

ECATS International Association started in 2005 as a Network of Excellence on Aviation and the Environment of more than 100 researchers within the European Framework Research Programme. After 5 years of joint research and exploring closer collaboration, this ECATS Network of Excellence was transformed into ECATS International Association, officially registered on 2 November 2010 by [Royal Decree] of Belgium. This website reflects this change from a network into an Association's homepage.

The objective of ECATS – as laid down in its [Statutes] – is to promote and support its Members' joint activities and interests in the field of aviation & environmental impact. Its higher-level aim is to help make aviation sustainable, by:

  • Building up, maintaining, and extending scientific expertise;
  • Further linking and integrating expertise in relevant thematic areas and exploiting the multi-disciplinary platform available in ECATS;
  • Organising exchange of information in particular about experience and development of related research; e.g., on the basis of workshops, reports and publications, education and training, and web-based information;
  • Providing liaison between customers and experts to provide integrated and professional support;
  • Fostering the technical, strategic, and political debate, for instance, to initiate research work where identified to be crucial.

More information is available on additional pages as part of their website.

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